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Nitekast makes Jim Price's list of TEN FAVORITE LOCAL/REGIONAL SONGS OF 2008:

"Where the Devil Sleeps" Off Nitekast’s latest CD The Beginning and the End, this tune showcases the vocal talents of rising singer Lily Taylor. Lily shows a dramatic flair in her performance here, varying her intensity as she describes the vixen in the song’s lyrics. The song creeps along a repeating progression that slowly builds in intensity, with Lily’s voice keeping it sounding fresh throughout. A strong display from one of the shining new talents on the area music scene, I eagerly look forward to hearing how Lily and her Nitekast bandmates progress in the New Year! Jim Price

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Nitekast, the alternative rock machine out of Western PA was formed in the winter of 2007. Showcasing the vocal talents of rising singer Lily Taylor and the scorching guitar work of Brandon Scalese, this foursome is well on its way to making a major impact on the music scene.  They have been quoted as sounding like “Iron Maiden with female vocals” and are “A refreshing new sound standing out from the sea of carbon copy rock artists”.  Playing with national acts such as “Our Lady Peace” and “American Hi Fi” they have already established quite a following in Western and Central PA.

With the release of their upcoming EP in the fall of 2010, Scalese and Taylor hope to fill the void that has been in rock music for the last few years.  Already receiving radio play and sales from their previous album they anticipate a good response of their new songs by the industry and fans.  Steadily gaining the respect of new fans by touring over the last few years, they continue to expand their fan base and touring schedule.

Newest member of the band Lily Taylor has been the spark Nitekast has needed to take them over the edge.  Her unique vocal style and range continually shocks and awes audiences where ever they perform.  Giving her all on the stage is nothing new for Lily.  Working an audience has become second nature to her and she always strives to improve to get to the next level.   Founding member Brandon Scalese is and always will be the driving force of the band.  A polished guitar player and former teacher, his list of influences is tremendous, leading to his signature guitar sound.  Taking elements from blues, rock, alternative, and metal. Writing the majority of Nitekast’s material and also doing some lead vocals he truly is a creative and talented musician.  A professional percussionist, Mark Panek has been playing drums since the age of four. He has studied with many private teachers and is also a student at Berklee.  Endorsed by the companies Sonor, Vic Firth, Drum Workshop, Slauda Cymbals, Attack, Audix, Gibralter, and Latin Percussion.  Mark’s passion for music and drive to be the best he can be is the kick in the ass Nitekast needed to get to the next level.  Rounding out the rhythm section is bassist Bobby Boring.  By far the tallest and most easygoing member of the band he prefers to stay in the background and just do his thing, although once in awhile he can get a little crazy.  Always working on his music he is a perfectionist and makes sure the band is in top performing shape.  

  With the local success of their song “Where the devil sleeps” off their last EP Nitekast looks to the future with stars in their eyes.  Finally, after years of playing the touring circuit and honing their craft, they are ready to reach the next level.  The release of their highly anticipated sophomore EP aims to cement their place in the PA music scene and catapult them into the national spotlight.


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