June 2005

13th of Friday (Altoona Recording)

After recording the first version of "13th of Friday" in August 2004 we were ready to introduce the public to our original music and managed to score a few gigs at some great local places.  Despite receiving advice not to play alot of originals we went ahead and played them all at every show (and we still do).  Surprisingly the response to our songs from the crowd was great and spurred us to continue working on new songs.  It took 10 months until we were ready to record again and we had a good arsenal of songs to lay down.   We chose to re record 4 songs from the first "13 of Friday" cd, 2 new songs, and 2 cover songs.  We ended up laying down the cover songs due the fact that bars want to hear some cover music on the demos you give them.  We decided to search for a good local recording studio for this album.  Mainly because we got lost every time we went to the studio in Pittsburgh.   Josh came across Data Music Services in Altoona, PA and after discussing what we wanted to do with Dave Villani the Chief Engineer we set our sites there.  Even though it was a local studio we still managed to get lost.  We had a great time recording the songs for this album and we learned alot from Dave in doing so.  Dave even contributed the keyboard score for our song "All Alone".  This cd was a maturing process for us overall.  Dave was able to take our garage band sound and really add depth and shape to it.  A lot of copies of this demo are circulating and many people have downloaded the mp3's from it.  On June 26th, 2005 we were the featured band on WBXQ's Backyard Rocker program.  We meant Jim Price and had a great time doing the show.  The radio airplay Jim has and still is giving us has made Nitekast a common name in the Tri-State Area.  We are currently working on songs for a new cd which should debut summer 2006.     Brandon

Song list

All Alone
False Window
Blue Couch
Happiness Pills


Brandon Scalese - Vocals and Guitar
Josh Boring - Drums
Josh Oaks - Bass and Vocals


"Cherry Tree-based rock band Nitekast first formed as a five-piece in 1998, and have undergone various changes to arrive at their present power-trio roster of singer/guitarist Brandon Scalese, singer/bassist Josh Oaks and drummer Josh Boring. On the group’s latest recording, 13th Of Friday, Nitekast demonstrates their brand of raw, garage-flavored modern rock over eight tracks, including six original songs and two remakes. The group mixes up the flavors between punk driven rockers like “You” and “Blues Couch,” the catchy punk-pop opener "Humidity," the sullen and more reflective "Happiness Pills," and two ballads, "All Alone" and "False Window." Nitekast also offers renditions of two popular hits from the 1980's: an effective and edgy update of INXS' "Worlds Collide," and a workmanlike treatment of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf." Nitekast instrumentally sounds on target for the most part, and their performances are enthusiastic. Recorded by Dave Villani at Data Music Services in Altoona, 13th Of Friday sounds solid and crisp, with Dave's full studio treatment adding body to Nitekast's overall sound; his keyboard underscore especially adds depth and fullness to "All Alone."  13th Of Friday is ultimately an encouraging effort from a young band getting their game feet underneath them. This album succeeds in defining Nitekast's musical world, and establishes a basic foundation for the group to grow and expand from." Jim Price