June 2008 

 After the recording of "three" back in the summer of 06 things progressed slowly for us as far as original music goes.  We had steady bookings for the first time and the writing process basically stopped for a few months.  The first songs that were written for the album were "Down to you" and "This ones for you".  With the lineup still being the original 3 members the songs had a different feel then the tracks on the album.  Over a year had passed since we were last in the studio when drummer Josh Boring decided to leave the band in July of 07.  Within a week Oaks and I had found a great replacement when we came across Spike Sheeshley.  Although he was only 14 at the time he was by far the best punk drummer in this area.  Spike quickly fell into his roll as drummer.  "Poker in the rear" was written soon after and showcased Spike's awesome abilities.   After 4 months of playing steady with Spike and finally getting  ready to head into the studio he unfortunately had to leave the band.   With Spike gone Josh and I began the search for a new drummer.  We played with several great local drummers who were filling in but we just couldnt find a good fit for us.  Finally in October of 07 Josh decided to switch from bass guitar to drums and we called upon our sound tech of 5 years Bobby Boring to take over the bass duties.  Then on November 19th our Roadie, Cousin, and Close friend Jordan Clark was killed in a tragic car accident.  The song "Stay Strong" was written in Jordan's memory.  With this lineup change we decided to shift away from our pop punk sound and explore other musical areas.  In February we brought in Lily Taylor to fill the gap singing that was open when Josh moved to drums.  Lily added a new dynamic to our sound which shows on the track "Where the Devil Sleeps".  Finally on March 8th we played our first show with the new lineup.  It had been over 5 months since the band played a show with a set line up and it was nice to be back on the stage again.  We stayed busy practicing and playing out and then in June decided to head into the studio to lay down the new tracks.  We went back to Data Music Services in Altoona where we had recorded the last 2 albums.  Recording was a little tougher then usual because of the 2 new members having no prior recording experience.  Although strenuous we managed to lay the tracks down in 2 days.  Produced by Dave Villani who also played the synth on "Down to You" and Lily played the organ on "Where the Devil Sleeps".    When recording wrapped on the second day we headed right from the studio to the Q94 Radio station to do a interview and debut the new tracks.  It was great being back on the Backyard Rocker with Jim Price as it is always a pleasure being in Jim's company.  A printed copy of this album was never made and all the tracks were just made available for free on this website.  As well as home made cd's being passed out. Brandon


NITEKAST – THE BEGINNING AND THE END (no label) First formed a decade ago, Cambria County’s Nitekast forged a Green Day-like pop/punk-geared sound over their first several recordings. But a roster transformation has changed the group’s overall sound and dynamic on their latest 8-song CD, The Beginning and the End. Singer Lily Taylor and bassist Bobby Boring join singer/guitarist Brandon Scalese and former bassist-turned-drummer Josh Oaks, and Nitekast tests some different musical directions as a result. Driving pop/punk is still present on such numbers as the opener “This One’s for You,” “Poker in the Rear” and the title song “The Beginning and the End.” But Taylor’s vocal power, range and dramatic singing style bring a feisty female-fronted edge on the boisterous “Get In Line” and the darker “Where the Devil Sleeps.” Scalese demonstrates his own maturity as a singer on the somber and expressive ballad “Down to You.” Nitekast also crafts a driving and hopeful rock anthem in “Stay Strong,” strengthened by guest Dave Villani’s supportive keyboard presence; and taps a slight Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe on the closing track “Lost.” Nitekast is a work in progress; their overall musicianship is stronger and ups the ante with more detail and variation, and their songwriting has improved with catchier, more developed melodies and superior lyrics.  Recorded at Altoona’s Data Music Services, the album sounds crisp and balanced, with Scalese’s and Taylor’s voices shining through clearly and up front. The Beginning and the End portrays a band in flux, as Nitekast branches from their early pop/punk persona into new stylistic terrain. The album shows a diamond in the rough that should shine even brighter once all the pieces fit more smoothly into place Jim Price's Final Cut Reviews December 08

Nitekast makes Jim Price's list of TEN FAVORITE LOCAL/REGIONAL SONGS OF 2008:

NITEKAST – "Where the Devil Sleeps" Off Nitekast’s latest CD The Beginning and the End, this tune showcases the vocal talents of rising singer Lily Taylor. Lily shows a dramatic 
flair in her performance here, varying her intensity as she describes the vixen in the song’s lyrics. The song creeps along a repeating progression that slowly builds in intensity, with 
Lily’s voice keeping it sounding fresh throughout. A strong display from one of the shining new talents on the area music scene, I eagerly look forward to hearing how Lily and her Nitekast bandmates progress in the New Year!
Jim Price

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Get in Line
This One's for you
Stay Strong
The Beginning and the End
Where the devil sleeps
Down to you
Poker in the rear


Brandon Scalese - Vocals and Guitar
Lily Taylor - Vocals and Keys
Bobby Boring - Bass
Josh Oaks - Drums