July 2006


A little over a year after our last recording we headed back to Data Music Services in Altoona to lay down some new tracks.  After the recording in July of 05 we had a few months to work on new material for a new cd and the first few months we did.  New songs such as Rise Again and The Price is Right soon worked their way into our normal setlist when we were playing out.  In March we went ahead and booked the studio for July having about 5 new songs ready at that time.  Then all hell broke loose from April to July and we got steady weekly bookings for that time.  This made it really hard to practice and work on new material.  So a few of the songs were kinda rushed to get ready for the recording date.  We had a gig the night before the recording so all our equipment was packed up already which was nice but being up playing till 2am the night before took some enthusiasm out of us.  Normally we are really excited about our recording trips but this didnt really seem like a special day.  Some of our roadies wanted to make the trip with us because they had never been in a studio before or seen how music is recorded.  We tried to warn them that they were in for a long and stressful day but they wanted to come anyways.  8 of us ended up going and we took 4 vehicles!  Talk about gas conservation lol.  We got to the studio around 10am and quickly got set up and dialed in.  In total we had 7 songs we wanted to record.  5 new songs and we redid Happiness Pills and Prime.  Brandon

Song list

Rise Again
The Price is Right
Far Away
End of Everything
Oh Well
Falling Faster
Happiness Pills
All Alone
Blue Couch


Brandon Scalese - Vocals and Guitar
Josh Boring - Drums
Josh Oaks - Bass and Vocals