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Sorry for the lack of updates lately with the band.  Its been damn near a year since i have posted a blog.  Anyways, there is alot of new stuff going on with the band and we are all very excited about it.  We are playing alot of new venues this year and are doing some sweet benefit shows and summer festivals.  Check our schedule to see when we are coming to your area. 

As you may know our newest EP "Cold Fusion" was recorded last August.  However we have not released it to the public yet.  You can however listen to some of the tracks on our my space or download 2 of the tracks at  .  Our plan is to rerecord the songs and a few new ones in the fall.  Stay tuned for updates about the new album. 

Friday May 21st was Josh Oak's last show with Nitekast.  We are glad to say it was on good terms and that Josh will be sitting in with us at some points over time.  Josh was the last founding member of the band beside myself.  Josh and I have played in bands together for the last 12 years and have been together in Nitekast for 6.  Doing some singing and playing guitar, bass, and drums for the band throughout different points in his career Josh truly was a musicians musician.  He will be greatly missed and we wish him the best of luck in his life's pursuits.

Taking over for Josh on the drums is pro drummer and journeyman Mark Panek.  Mark is a solid and polished drummer that just makes the sound we have even better.  He also has a vast knowledge of the music industry(being a Berklee grad) which will only help us improve in our marketing and performing.  We look forward to coming success and many great times down the road with Mark.

Be patient with us as we update all the websites with Marks info, new photos of the band, and new videos.

We are scheduled to do another photoshoot in the next few weeks with the new lineup so stay tuned for updates about that.

Also, we are working on a tshirt sponsorship with Legrand's Shirts.  We should have new merchandise available in the next couple weeks at shows and on the websites.

Lastly, on mothers day May 9th.  We were the featured band on Rocky 99.1 and 104.9's Homegrown Rocker program.  It was a 2 hour program in which we did a live interview with local legend Jim Price.  He played tracks from the new album and Lily and I did 2 acoustic songs live in the studio.  It was a great time.  We are working on getting an mp3 version of it available for download on our website in the near future so stay tuned for that as well.

Look forward to more great things from the band!


Live interview on the Homegrown Rocker radio program
HGR 5-9-10


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What a great group of guys (and girl)! They are all very down to earth people. I had alot of fun hanging out with them.  The songs are awesome.   By far the best work I've heard from the band.   They really stepped it up when it comes to songwriting. I would gladly work with them again. Keep an ear out for these new songs!!!  Keith from Fourth Dimension Audio

Cambria County rockers Nitekast returned to 30 Something in late June. With the current roster of singer Lily Taylor, singer/guitarist Brandon Scalese, bassist Bobby Boring and drummer Josh Oaks now together for well over a year, Nitekast’s performance and songwriting consistency shows the cohesion developed over that span. The group introduced new songs such as the heavier-flavored “Cold Fusion,” and applied their own hard-rocking stamp on numbers by Heart, Cranberries, Roxette, Loverboy, Foreigner, ZZ Top and more. Lily continues to become more confident and daring as a singer, delivering her own polecat howl on AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” and “Dirty Deeds.” Brandon also provided some highlights, including his solo renditions of Bush’s “Glycerine” and Green Day’s “Good Riddance.” Nitekast continues to work up new songs toward their next CD, and maintain a busy show schedule throughout the region. Jim Price, PA Musician Magazine August 09 

NITEKAST – THE BEGINNING AND THE END  First formed a decade ago, Cambria County’s Nitekast forged a Green Day-like pop/punk-geared sound over their first several recordings. But a roster transformation has changed the group’s overall sound and dynamic on their latest 8-song CD, The Beginning and the End. Singer Lily Taylor and bassist Bobby Boring join singer/guitarist Brandon Scalese and former bassist-turned-drummer Josh Oaks, and Nitekast tests some different musical directions as a result. Driving pop/punk is still present on such numbers as the opener “This One’s for You,” “Poker in the Rear” and the title song “The Beginning and the End.” But Taylor’s vocal power, range and dramatic singing style bring a feisty female-fronted edge on the boisterous “Get In Line” and the darker “Where the Devil Sleeps.” Scalese demonstrates his own maturity as a singer on the somber and expressive ballad “Down to You.” Nitekast also crafts a driving and hopeful rock anthem in “Stay Strong,” strengthened by guest Dave Villani’s supportive keyboard presence; and taps a slight Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe on the closing track “Lost.”   Recorded at Altoona’s Data Music Services, the album sounds crisp and balanced, with Scalese’s and Taylor’s voices shining through clearly and up front. The Beginning and the End portrays a band in flux, as Nitekast branches from their early pop/punk persona into new stylistic terrain.  Jim Price's Final Cut Reviews December 08

Closing out the battle was Nitekast. The cast of singer Lily Taylor, guitarist/singer Brandon Scalese, bassist Bobby Boring and drummer Josh Oaks played a varied set of classic rock, providing some unexpected twists and turns along the way. Those twists came in the form of some of the songs Lily belted out her voice to; including some songs not tackled by female singers such as AC/DC’s “It’s A Long Way to the Top (If You Want to Rock n’Roll)” and Foreigner’s “Juke Box Hero.” Lily’s strongest performance, though, was her powerful display on Alannah Myles’ “Black Velvet. Nitekast also did tunes from Alanis Morisette, Cream, ZZ Top, Pat Benatar   Jim Price August 08 at the Alive at Five battle of the bands