Jordan Robert Clark 

Updated 6-8-09

This page is in remembrance of my close friend and cousin Jordan.  He loved the band and gave everything he could to help us out.  Whether it was helping take equipment to shows and setting up and tearing down or just hanging out with us during practice.   I hope he knew in his life how many people loved him and would be affected by his death.  He had so many great things in his future and it's a shame we wont be able to witness any of it.  Jordan truly was a shooting star and lived his life to the fullest.  My life was definitely changed with his death and I know I'll never be the same.  I have so many great memories of him and he'll always be with me in spirit.  



If anyone has more pics of Jordan or wants to post a comment on this page email me at nitekast@nitekast.com 

"Stay Strong"
In remembrance of "J"
Lyrics by B. Scalese

I cant find the words to describe
the things going on inside of me
it's gonna take all that I have
to hold myself together

and now that its come
we cant just turn and run
and when everything is wrong
always remember - stay strong

if only there was something I could do or say
we could go back to yesterday and change it all
when you live life like a bullet 
your bound to hit the wall

and now that its come
we cant just turn and run
and when everything is wrong
always remember - stay strong

and all the falling debris
it leads back to me
and all the people who came to see
I know I'll never be the same


Jordan’s Poem

I just needed to let you know boy,
that I could never say no to your eyes.
That smile got you out of so many binds...
(this cannot be justified). 

Do you remember how
I surrendered
to your rough hands…?
I just want you to see,
that you always had me.
Right from the start-
you saw right through,
there was no fooling you.

I love you for your,
patience and acceptance,
gentleness and undefined brilliance-
a combination
of your edginess and faults.
So imperfectly you,
and entirely no one else.
All mine for a cherished time. 

You never had to say
“I Love You.”
(though you frequently did).
It was written all over face
when I opened my door
to greet you in sweet embrace.
I recall, babe, your arms-
strong, always my favorite place.

Jordan, you have given me more
and I have loved you greater
than anyone before, or after.
I would have spent my life with you
(we were planning on it, I know)
and I didn’t take a single kiss for granted.

I knew some day I might write this poem,
though I thought with wrinkled hands,
but sweetie, I gave you all of me
and those promises I still hold true.
I’ll keep you, only, in my heart
until I can come home with you. 















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