Lily Taylor

updated 7-31-09




Lily was born in Portsmouth, Va, but lived in Howard, Pa for most of her childhood. She’s been singing a wide variety of genres since she was a young pup, but only just started with rock vocals in 2007. Among the many artists she likes, you will find Aerosmith, Nightwish, Queen, Flogging Molly, Styx, AC/DC, Ray Charles, Switchfoot, Maroon 5 and Lacuna Coil…just to name a few.  Lily is in the process of learning the keyboard and rhythm guitar to make Nitekast’s sound even more amaaaazing. Her aspiration is to make a career of vocal performance and writing urban dictionaries with completely nonsensical words. She also enjoys poetry and the theatre, as well as moose tracks ice cream, gobstoppers, and blindingly yellow converse all-stars.